Callum Bungey-Student Talk

Callum, from cohort 3 gave a talk at the European Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility Young Researcher's Meeting on 18th June 2018 in Hamburg at the Centre for Free Electron Laser Science (CEFL). The title of his talk was: "Non-Born-Oppenheimer Electronic-Vibrational Structure".

William Glass- Poster Prize

Will Glass from cohort 2 won a poster prize at the 3rd conference on multi scale modelling of condensed phase and biological systems in May 2018, congratulations Will!

Lee Steinberg- Poster Prize

Lee Steinberg from Cohort 2 received a poster prize at the MGMS/UK QSAR joint conference on Structure Activity Relationships in Cardiff in April 2018, the prize was sponsored by MDPI Biomolecules journal; well done Lee!


Theoretically Speaking

Two of our students from cohort 3, David Ormrod Morley and Tim Burd, have launched a new theoretical chemistry podcast: Theoretically Speaking. Follow them on twitter at @TheoryPod, and access the podcasts on SoundCloud or on iTunes.

TMCS Prize

Congratulations to Jonathan Milward and David Morley, who have both been awarded this year's TMCS Prize for their outstanding performances in the assessed year-1 TMCS training programme, well done!


Congratulations to the third TMCS cohort, who all successfully completed the MSc in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry at the end of their year 1 training. Laszlo Berencei, Callum Bungey, Tim Burd, Tom Fay, Rocco Meli, Jonathan Milward and David Morley are the seven students from the cohort, who achieved distinctions.

Chemistry and blogs

All 3 blogs that students created with Dr Natalie Fey are now available at:

TMCS Symposium 2017

We held our first annual symposium on 20-21st July in Oxford, delegates included students from all 3 cohorts, as well as industrial partners, advisory board members, academics and supervisors. The two days included presentations from cohort 1, guest talks, a poster session from the students, outreach presentations and demonstrations from cohort 1 and 2 and careers discussions.



Summer Picnic and Sports Day

On 14th June all our cohorts joined forces with the DTC and had a summer picnic and sports day with their students. We were lucky with the weather, as you can see from these pictures!

Well done Stash and Joe for winning the 3 legged race!!

Festival of Doctoral Research 2017

Lee Steinberg, from cohort 2, won the prize for best talk (people's choice), on 18th May.17 at the CDT Research Showcase(, which is part of the above. Lee's title was: "The Shape of You: Where by Shape I mean Chemical Space". Congratulations Lee!

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