The CDT hopes to have a number of funded places available in each cohort. Funding will be subject to normal EPSRC rules. UK and EU students will be eligible for full-fee studentships. In addition, UK students will be eligible for an annual stipend of no less than the current standard EPSRC rate (although some non-EPSRC funding will also be available to provide stipends for EU students). A number of overseas (non-UK or EU) students may be admitted to the programme, but if accepted will be required to pay full overseas fees for the university at which they are registered.

Places will be awarded on a competitive basis, according to academic merit. Successful applicants will typically be expected to have a first class honours degree (or overseas equivalent), or a distinction at Master’s level, in Chemistry or a closely related discipline. We also welcome applicants who have secured external funding for all or part of a TMCS studentship (for example from sources listed by


Paton group: saddle points on the computed potential energy surface for an organic reaction, the Pictet-Spengler cyclisation, show six-membered ring formation to be kinetically favoured.

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