My undergraduate chemistry course did not offer much opportunity to learn about theoretical or computational chemistry. Brief introductions to quantum and statistical mechanics, as well as computational techniques, left me wanting to learn more; and so I was very excited to complete a computational Masters project in my fourth year. The enjoyment and satisfaction from this project inspired my application to TMCS.  Despite being challenging, it has been equally rewarding. During the first year, I have been able to gain a myriad of theoretical knowledge, as well as developing my programming and problem-solving skills. I have enjoyed being part of a cohort, it facilitates peer-to-peer learning which has been invaluable throughout this year. TMCS enables us to meet researchers from across the field, providing an opportunity to develop a comprehensive knowledge of the field as well as a better idea of where my interests lie.  I am very excited to start my PhD at The University of Bristol with Fred Manby and Natalie Fey. It will allow me to further my development of my programming skills primarily in C++ while working on problems in theoretical chemistry.

EPSRC University of Oxford University of Bristol University of Southampton