St Anne's college Information:


  1.  From the available wifi networks select ‘the cloud’. Make sure not to select any other wifi network.
  2. Open a web browser, if ‘the cloud’ homepage does not come up automatically, type in As this is an open (rather than secure) website ‘the cloud’ homepage will then come up.
  3. Follow instructions to set up a username and password if you have not done this before for ‘the cloud’.  ‘The cloud’ will also ask for some other information like name and address.

    You can then log in!

  4. ‘The cloud’ can take up to two devices so if you have set up a username and password for example for your laptop you can also use these for your phone.
  5. ‘The cloud’ is free at St Anne’s and can be used widely around the UK. Charges may apply at other venues.
  6. Information leaflets are also available at the Lodge (Reception).


EPSRC University of Oxford University of Bristol University of Southampton