Summer Picnic and Sports Day 

On 14th June all our cohorts joined forces with the DTC and had a summer picnic and sports day with their students. We were lucky with the weather, as you can see from these pictures!

Well done Stash and Joe for winning the 3 legged race!!

Posted by Leema Erben Friday, June 16, 2017 11:40:00 AM

Festival of Doctoral Research 2017 

Lee Steinberg, from cohort 2, won the prize for best talk (people's choice), on 18th May.17 at the CDT Research Showcase(, which is part of the above. Lee's title was: "The Shape of You: Where by Shape I mean Chemical Space". Congratulations Lee!

Posted by Leema Erben Wednesday, May 31, 2017 3:16:00 PM

Cohort 3:Team building workshops in Warwick 

Cohort 3 attended a 3 day workshop, with the University of Warwick, from 2-4th May this year.The aim of this course was to provide postgraduate research students with an opportunity to build their understanding, skills and confidence in the key areas of team working in order to enhance their overall effectiveness as they pursue their research studies.






















Posted by Leema Erben Tuesday, May 16, 2017 11:47:00 AM

Poster Prize: Jonathan Mannouch 

Jonathan Mannouch, a member of Cohort 1, won a prize for his poster presentation: "Exciton Relaxation Dynamics in TT-Conjugated Polymer Systems" at the annual graduate student meeting of the RSC Theoretical Chemistry Group, which was held on 10th May 2017, in Southampton. Well done Jonathan!




Posted by Leema Erben Friday, May 12, 2017 9:58:00 AM

Easter Time in Bristol and Southampton 


Cohort 3 spending time in both Bristol and Southampton, during their Easter projects:


Posted by Leema Erben Friday, March 31, 2017 10:50:00 AM

Computational Molecular Science Conference 

3 day conference attended by cohort 2 and afew of cohort 1, at Warwick University

Relaxing in the evening.

Posted by Leema Erben Friday, March 31, 2017 10:41:00 AM

Winchester Science Centre 

Our year-2 cohort recently brought their Argon app to the Winchester Science Centre, introducing ideas of theoretical chemistry and modelling to a young audience of 5-12 year-olds.

Posted by Martin Galpin Monday, March 06, 2017 12:20:00 PM

Innovation and Development Award 

Congratulations to TMCS Cohort-1, who won the 2016 prize for Innovation and Development at the University of Southampton's 'Bringing Research to Life Roadshow' Awards! The prize was awarded for creating ChemGolf, a computer game that illustrates the idea of a potential energy surface.


Thursday, December 01, 2016 12:19:00 PM

The TMCS Prize 

Congratulations to Robert Shaw, who has been awarded this year's TMCS Prize for his outstanding performance in the assessed year-1 TMCS training programme! Robert now continues to Sheffield, to pursue his PhD with Dr Grant Hill.

Thursday, October 06, 2016 10:18:00 AM


Congratulations to all members of the second TMCS cohort who completed successfully the MSc in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry at the end of their year-1 training, and to the seven students who achieved distinctions in the MSc: Silvia Amabilino, Jake Bowerbank, Joe Lawrence, Robert Shaw, Weng-Hong Sio, Stash Welsh and Xinglong Zhang.


Posted by Martin Galpin Friday, September 23, 2016 1:48:00 PM
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