Summer School Overview.

The National Training School in Theoretical Chemistry ('UKTC2016') is aimed at providing a broad-based introduction to key concepts and techniques which underpin research in theoretical and computational chemistry. Previous UKTC Schools have been held in 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014. The School is organised by the TMCS EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training. It is generously sponsored by EPSRC, and supported by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Taylor and Francis have  kindly agreed to sponsor a Molecular Physics Poster Prize.


When is it?

The Summer School will take place from Sunday (evening) 4th September to Friday 16th September, 2016. The deadline for applications was Friday 22nd April 2016.

Where is it?

The Summer School lectures will take place in the Department of Chemistry with accommodation and meals in St. Catherine's College, Oxford

Who should come to it?

The School is designed for postgraduate students in theoretical or computational chemistry, or those with a joint interest in theory and experiment, typically in their first or second years of research.

What level of background preparation is assumed?

Familiarity will be assumed with Atkins and de Paulas' undergraduate text Physical Chemistry, together with a working knowledge of core chapters (e.g. 1-8) in Atkins and Friedman's Molecular Quantum Mechanics (5th edition), and adequate background in calculus at the level of appropriate chapters in Stephenson's Mathematical Methods for Science Students.

Who pays for it?

The number of places at the School is naturally limited. Attendance is free for up to 25 students at UK Universities who hold EPSRC studentships, or who would otherwise qualify for EPSRC funding. A limited number of full cost places may be available for other students.

What are the subjects of the lecture courses?

The School will be built around a series of lecture courses covering core subjects and applications, accompanied by problem classes with tutorial support. Topics covered will range from core quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics and mathematics; to facets of electronic structure theory, chemical reaction dynamics, liquid state theory and methods of computer simulation. Lectures will be given by active members of the UK theoretical chemistry community, including

Lecture Summaries

The summaries for the lectures are available below (as pdf files).

How do I apply?

Complete the application form which is available either as a pdf file or a word file. This should be e-mailed to the address at the end of this page. Confirmation of receipt will be communicated by email. Applications will be processed after the closing date; we expect to notify successful applicants by mid May.

Informal enquiries from those wishing for more information about the School can be sent to David Logan at the same address.

Email address:


Detailed information regarding the School will be available to accepted applicants on this web-site, via a password which will be issued upon confirmation of acceptance.

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