We are a tripartite consortium of groups from the Universities of Oxford, Bristol and Southampton. Our CDT has 22 core members, who are integrally involved in delivery of training, and a number of adjunct members who have overlapping interests and who typically collaborate with one or more of the core members. The CDT is coordinated by a Leadership Team consisting of:

  • Professor Mark Wilson (Oxford), Director
  • Professor Fred Manby (Bristol), Co-Director
  • Professor Graeme Day (Southampton), Co-Director
  • Professor David Logan (Oxford), Former Director

The other core staff are:

  • Professor Neil Allan (Bristol)
  • Professor William Barford (Oxford)
  • Professor Volker Deringer (Oxford)
  • Professor Jonathan Doye (Oxford)
  • Professor Jonathan Essex (Southampton)
  • Dr Natalie Fey (Bristol)
  • Professor Jeremy Frey (Southampton)
  • Dr Martin Galpin (Oxford)
  • Dr Robert Penfold (Oxford)
  • Dr David Glowacki (Bristol)
  • Professor Syma Khalid (Southampton)
  • Professor David Manolopoulos (Oxford)
  • Professor John McGrady (Oxford)
  • Professor Adrian Mulholland (Bristol)
  • Professor Chris Skylaris (Southampton)
  • Professor Jonathan Yates (Oxford)
  • Professor Fernanda Duarte Gonzalvez (Oxford)
  • Professor David Tew (Oxford)

Logan/Galpin groups: calculated differential conductance of a carbon nanotube double quantum dot.

EPSRC University of Oxford University of Bristol University of Southampton