Year-1 training will extend throughout the first year, encompassing 8 core modules, 7 option modules, 1 short project and transferable skills courses. The core modules will be assessed for everyone, and provide underpinning material from right across the field. Students will elect to be assessed in 5 of the option modules. The modules will variously contain lectures, workshops and group work.

Training modules offered will be:

Core modules:

  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Statistical Mechanics
  • Mathematics I
  • Applied Statistics
  • Computer Programming and Numerical Methods
  • Methods of Computer Simulation
  • Electronic Structure Theory
  • Software Development

Option modules:

  • Applied Computational Chemistry
  • Mathematics II
  • Quantum Mechanics in Condensed Phases
  • Intermolecular Potentials
  • Chemical Reaction Dynamics
  • Advanced Quantum Mechanics
  • Advanced Statistical Mechanics

The project is intended to broaden experience of research in a research group setting. The project will normally be undertaken after Term 3 and be supervised by core Staff.

Barford group: Exciton wavefunctions in the light emitting polymer, poly(para-phenylene).

EPSRC University of Oxford University of Bristol University of Southampton